Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Frequently Asked Questions:

How does this online learning program work?
This is a self-discovery program which encourages staff to take control of their own learning and to utilize their lifelong learning skills through exploration and PLAY. There will be no classes or workshops offered to support this program. Instead, staff and patrons are encouraged to work together and share with each other their discoveries, techniques and "how to's" both in person and through the blog.

Is this program open to all MRRL staff and patrons? or just some?
This program is open to anyone who would like to particpate! You don't have to work at MRRL or be a patron.

How long do I have to complete the program?
There is no time limit. The program will officially start January 7th, 2008 and run through the end of the year. You can do each lesson as it comes up or wait and do them all at the end. Or only do the ones you're interested in.

How soon do I have to start the program?
You can start whenever you like.

How do I track my progress?
Just leave a comment about the post. MRRL staff head over to the Staff Web to find more info for you.

Will there be any training classes offered to show how to do this?
No, this is a self-directed learning program. MRRL does offer some training for staff and patrons. Contact Robin Hastings or Bobbi Newman if you're interested.

What if I need help - who can I call?
Since this program is self-directed and is being completed by many staff members throughout the system simultaneously, you are encouraged to work with other particpants.

What's in this for me?
The joy of learning and the feeling of accomplishment that comes from finishing a project!


Anonymous said...

Sounds interesting. I'm looking forward to what you and Robin come up with this year.

madmusing said...

I second anonymous's comment.